Atlanta based Artist + Abstract Painter Courtney Pilgrim

StudiOH,Shoppe! was created by abstract artist Courtney Burden so that you could shop her colorful creations! 

Courtney handcrafts each piece to ensure that it is 100% unique! Though patterns + themes may be similar or repeated, each brush stroke, paint spatter and mark made falls uniquely onto her canvas. 

Court hand paints her vibrant art on paper, wood, canvas, leather, and anything that will sit still long enough! She works intuitively- ‘playing’ with her paints and having a conversation with the canvas, responding to each mark that is made. 

She is most inspired by color, texture and travel, which is heavily represented in her work. All pieces are created in her live/work loft located in downtown Atlanta, GA that she shares with her husband Chris Burden and two dachshunds, Pickle + Olive. 

After teaching elementary school art in Atlanta for nearly 5 years, Courtney began exploring color and art more freely, developing her signature playful style. 

Atlanta based Artist + Abstract Painter Courtney Pilgrim

If you are interested in a custom piece for your home or accessory for your wardrobe, reach out to Courtney at Courtney@myfriendcourt.com for more information! 

Succulent painting by Abstract Artist Courtney Pilgrim