This is a price guide to Courtney’s commission process. These prices can vary depending on the final materials used, subject matter etc. but this is a good starting point. *(The prices below are for abstract commissions, realistic imagery is another conversation ;P )

Courtney requests a 50% upfront deposits to begin the commission process. This is to cover cost of materials and her time for a one on one consultation with you. If you are a local to the Atlanta area, this can be scheduled for in person, or if you are not- via phone, email, FaceTime etc. The final payment will be paid before delivery. If you are not in the Atlanta area for the painting to be personally delivered, you are responsible to shipping/insurance for the piece.  

In the consultation, she request your color scheme, inspirations and/or pictures of the space the piece will go in. This information can be given in person, email and/or with a private Pinterest board. 

All payments will be made via Paypal. To begin the commission process please email Courtney at with a general size + description of what you are wanting and your Paypal email and she will get back to you within 48 hours to start your ORIGINAL piece!

Professional Grade Gallery Wrap Cotton Canvas

Wood Panel